Republic Of Guy war 3 war beginning 

This deadly battle started when the Republic Of Guy Soldiers gaurded up with RPGs to shot down the 500 osprey carriers the 50 task forces charged when the got to shore there were tanks and zodiaks and missle trucks and the task fore atillery Came in to deal with the Republic of Guy tanks,MGs,Drones,Helicopters and Trucks. 1,232,111 Enemies died and 22 wounded and 854,553 Allies and friends and forces were killed and 245 were wounded and 134 tanks on both sides were blown up During the war this was a bloody war in may 1st 2014


The war ended in 5/31/14 The total of the war that each side died was 2,086,666,004 people died in the war of the total of the War deaths and the toatal of the wondeds were 267 people were wounded and 268 tanks on both sides were blown up the Republic of Guys lost this war the 50 task forces of lil peepz conqoured the GoAnimate City later in 6/5/14 a Republic of Guys made a uprising but there was a tall border that borded the country so this was a Cold war that was a bloody one

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