Robbie and Friends in: The Search for a Suspect is a GoAnimate film and the first in the Robbie and Friends series.

Plot (WIP)

When two bad characters, Gligar13vids and Warren Cook steal the buried Atari 2600 games (especially the E.T. games that were buried), the FBI, and the GPD (GoCity Police Department) recruit Robbie, Sophie the Otter, Igor and others to help investigate after they hear about it and decide to look for Gligar13vids, however on the Castle where is Gligar13vids, Called Gligar Castle, Gligar13vids is gone. He and Warren had stolen a Lamborghini. The police then find him shortly after, and they begin to chase the bad users, but they got away. Now, Gligar wants to go to Warren's house to get a wand to take over the entire GoCity area. So Robbie and the gang must take them down. Meanwhile, Shauna gets a search warrant to search Warren's house. But then, it becomes a trap, and she ends up being kidnapped by Gligar. Sam Roviofan joins in, and re-forms the B.U.S.T (Bad User Supreme Team).

Cast (No More than 55 Characters)

Paul as Igor, Gligar13vids, and John

Kayla as Sophie, Jelly, Shauna and Dora

Shy Girl as Baby Butter and Aj Lee

Eric as Robbie, Gligar13Vids and Peanut

Simon as James the Animator, and Police Officer #2

Brian as Tree Fu Tom,Warren Cook and Chris Jericho

Scary Voice as The Hijacked Voice

Young Guy as Knuckles the Echidna and CM Punk

Diesel as FBI Agent, and Gligar13Vids' Dad


[The company logos play]

[We then begin with Gligar getting grounded]

Gligar13Vids's Dad: You made a review while grounded! That's it, you're grounded grounded grounded!

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