Robert- Diesel

Robert's mom- Kimberly

Robert's dad/clerk/Reporter-Alan


Unlike the youtube video, Jake misbehaves at Hardee's, Robert (voiced by Diesel) behaves there. As shown in the video, they didn't have any hand-scooped ice cream sandwiches. The clerk offered Robert a banana smoothie. Robert claimed he never had any banana smoothies before so he accepted it. Robert's mom was so proud that Robert behaved at Hardee's and he was now un-grounded but they still had to go to GNN news to talk about what happened.


Robert: Mom.

Robert's mom: What is it?

Robert: I want to go to Hardee's.

Robert's mom: I'm afraid we can't go.

Robert's dad: There is no food left in the house.

Robert's mom: Did you hear that? There is no food in the house. We can go to Hardee's.

(At Hardee's)

Robert's mom: I would like burgers fries and a medium coke.

Robert: I would like to have two whoppers with chicken tenders, fries and hand scooped ice cream sandwiches.

Clerk: I'm all out of hand-scooped sandwiches.

Robert: You must be joking.

Clerk: Don't feel bad. How about a banana smoothie instead?

Robert: Why?

Robert's mom: Because, they are out of hand scooped ice cream sandwiches. Why don't you get a banana smoothie instead?

Robert: I never had banana smoothies. Fine, I would like  to have two whoppers with chicken tenders, fries and a banana smoothie.

Clerk: You don't have to repeat what you said before but that would work.

(hands Robert and his mom the food)

Robert's mom: Ohohohohohohohohoh! Robert, I can't believe you behaved at Hardee's.  That's it, you are not grounded!

(in subway)

Robert's mom: I am so happy for what you did at Hardee's. Even though there were no more hand scooped ice cream sandwiches, you went with the flow and got a banana smoothie instead. We're still going to end up on the news but we're not going to get in trouble because of what you did.

Robert: Thank you. Will they still be able to make more hand scooped ice cream sandwiches?

Robert's mom: The next time we go, they will make more. I think the customers before us got the last hand scooped ice cream sandwich before we were next in line.

(GNN News)

Reporter; We are on GNN news. A boy named Robert didn't get what he wanted but he went with the flow. Right here is the clerk. Explain what happened?

Clerk: Robert was a good boy and he got himself a banana smothie, which I offered him. 

(Cuts to Robert and his mom)

Reporter: We can see that Robert is now happy for what he has did.

Robert's mom: He is so ungrounded (3X) and when we get home, he's going to get ungrounded more.

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