Robowil M is a GoAnimate user who joined in the summer of 2012. He only makes videos up to 2 minutes, because he is a free user. In August 2015, he was sharing accounts with Cloud Guy! It is a GoTeam Subscription. He is also a VHS collector. In 2015, he launched Robowil M Studios, replacing his old company Lòóto Animation Group. On October 30th, 2015, since he was fed up with the changes on the site, he left.

His final decision about GoAnimate was revealed on November 21st, 2015, as he will use it occasionally for school projects.


Likes: GoAnimate (formerly), Grounded videos (formerly), VHS tapes, stop motion animation, The Book of Life (2014 film), Bubsy Bobcat, his kitten Flynn, VeggieTales, and more.

Dislikes: GoAnimate, his personal information being leaked online, and more.

Friends: Alex Kimble, WWE Champion, among others.

Enemies: He possibly does not have any.

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