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Kristin Konkle
Avatar of Kristin Konkle


August 2002-2004


Go!Animate creator


Kevin Konkle (Little Brother)


Over 2,500




Kevin Konkle

Most known

Eric Smith, ''Kristin Konkle: The Movie!'', her videos and Kristin Konkle: The Sequel!

Voiced By






RocketPowerGal24 (A.K.A. Kristin Konkle) is a Go!Animate user who makes videos, walkthroughs, and room times. She is the 6th number-one Go!Animate user on YouTube who has reached a 1,000 subs. She is also been making a game walkthrough of her playing Curious George The Game. She is voiced by Julie and sometimes herself. She lives in Freedom City, Florida.


Kristin Julie Konkle (born August 2002-04) had a splendid life of her imaginative videos she make of the famous Eric Smith as an insult. She also has a brother called Kevin Konkle that is 12 years old and is most famous for the Room Time episodes. She makes Go!Animate videos and more from her imaginative style.

She is also known from the movie Kristin Konkle The Movie made by AwildmewfromROBLOX and her videos of Eric Smith. She appears in Go!Animate as a girl with purple hair, cat ears, tiara, widly eyes, purple clothes of sweetiness, and aqua blue sandals. In real life she appears as a normal teenage girl with brown hair, fat face, and beautiful voice of technic.

She says that she needs more requests on her videos to make more views and popularity. She is also the 6th famous YouTuber and Go!Animator of all time along with caroline0204,Smirks and AwildmewfromROBLOX.

There is also a user named Optimus500050 who really has an indefinite die-hard crush on her ever since July 22, 2014 because he thought that she was perfect for him.



  • She is the 6th number #1 user on Go!Animate with 1,000 subs and up
  • Her videos are quite similar to Awildmew's
  • Her look is quite similar to Uni-Kitty in The LEGO Movie. There both a cat style and hyper except that Kristin is more humilated and also theyr'e both same angry.
  • She is like Warren Cook, both like Disney movies and makes videos except that Warren makes fake VHS openings
  • She's got over 2,500 subscribers
    Kristen Konkle

    Kristen Konkle in Lil' Peepz Form.

  • Her full real name is Kristin Julie Konkle
  • Kristin also makes other videos like: Room Time, Walkthrough and random video she uses with Bandicam
  • She is a basically a neko in the videos and human in real life
  • She is a big fan of Rocket Power
  • She is enemies with DamianAlexDeromas.


Eric gets grounded Extreme BIG TIME!!03:16

Eric gets grounded Extreme BIG TIME!!

The most viewed video of Kristin

Eric watches the THX logo and gets Grounded01:32

Eric watches the THX logo and gets Grounded

A video where Eric watches the THX logo and gets grounded

Jake watches the THX Logo and gets Grounded02:16

Jake watches the THX Logo and gets Grounded

A video where Jake watches the THX Logo

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