Rocking Ralph-Bob Hartley

Mary Moo Cow-Belle

Kid 1-Ivy

Kid 2-Tween Girl

Kid 3-Kayla

Kid 4-Princess

Kid 5-Kimberly

Kid 6-Shy Girl

Ralph's dad-Scott Mcneil

Ralph's mom-Veronica Taylor


Ralph was sick and tired of Mary Moo Cow, so he decides to kill her. When he gets home, Ralph feels sorry for killing her. However, it was getting past Ralph's bedtime, so his parents give him a bath and then tuck him into bed.


Ralph: I wonder what was on television.

Kids: Mary Moo Cow, Mary Moo Cow, we like you, so do we!

Ralph: Darn it! I hate Mary Moo Cow! I wish i could kill her!

[Ralph jumps into the television]

Ralph: Stand back, Mary! I will kill you!

Mary Moo Cow: Please no! Do not kill me!

Ralph: Too bad Mary.

[Ralph shoots Mary Moo Cow]

Ralph: Yes! She's dead!

Kid 1: Ralph killed Mary Moo Cow! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

Kid 2: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

Kid 3: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

Kid 4: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

Kid 5: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

Kid 6: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

[At home]

Ralph's mom: Ralph, what's the matter?

Ralph: I knew i hated Mary Moo Cow! I am sorry for killing her! I know it was Hans Jr's favorite show.

Ralph's dad: Do not worry, Ralph. We have to give you a bath.

[Cut to Ralph in the bathtub]

Ralph's mom: Ralph, Hans Jr said that he likes Mary Moo Cow.

Ralph: I know.

Ralph's dad: I know too, Ralph. We'll have Hans Jr to bring back Mary Moo Cow.

Ralph: Thank you.

[Cut to Ralph in bed tucked in]

Ralph's dad: Goodnight Ralph.

Ralph: Goodnight Dad.

Ralph's mom: Goodnight Ralph.

Ralph: Goodnight Mom. (yawns)

[Ralph falls asleep]

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