Roderick is the main protagonist of the Roderick series. He has 2 sister named Kayla and Princess Denise, he has a brother who picks on him and his sisters (Jacky), he has a girlfriend named Harper, and has 2 parents.

He was born in Memphis, Tennessee.

PC Guy Old


Gender: Male

Hair: Brown

Occupation: High School Student

Age: 15

Family: Cyril Robertson (Father)

Tanya Robertson (Mother)

Jacky: (Brother)

Princess Denise (Sister)

Kayla (Roderick's Lifelong Sister)

Voice: Steven

Ethnicity: Caucasian-American


  • His Girlfriend
    Roderick And Kalya

    Roderick and his girlfriend Harper


  • Getting Grounded


caroline0204 and FunEditor disapproves him and his sister Kayla being in Keith's family. This is why Simon Penza accidentally took Diesel's wife and kicked him and his sister out of the house. From now on, Roderick and Kayla now live with Jacky's family.

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