Ronald Ruben Anderson is a Dallas kid who goes to Nissa's school and easily gets in trouble for some unknown reasons and he is often called "The Class Clown". His first appearance was in the video "Nissa Disrespects the New Student" where he was sort of nice there. Also, he looks like Wendall and has the same facial expression as Lumpkie (expect in "Nissa Disrespects the New Student").

He wears a red shirt with a white/blue star on it, blue jeans, white shoes, brown hair, and a red cap with a blue star on it.
Ronald ruben anderson

In the Nissa Series episode Show and Trouble, Ronald brings his cat Sourpuss for Show and Tell but pets aren't allowed in school, so he gets sent to the principal office, along with Nissa, who made fun of him getting in trouble. They then get laughed at Ms. Lottie, the staff, and the students in Nissa'a school.

About Him

Birthday: August 13, 1993

Age: 13 (in animation), 23 (currently)

Favorite Color: Orange

Voice(s): JerkFace (in "Nissa Disrespects the New Student), Young Guy (GoAnimate), Brian Coukis (The Nissa Series)

Family: Mr. Anderson (father), Mrs. Anderson (mother), Sourpuss (pet cat)

Likes: Staying out of trouble, Sports, Texas culture

Dislikes: Getting into trouble/expelled

Enemies: The Staff of Nissa's school, his parents


- Ronald shares the same last name with "Lumpkie Anderson".

- The clothes that he represents that he is a pro at baseball, basketball, and football

Ronald lil peepz

Ronald Anderson in Lil' Peepz

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