Rosie is the tritagonist of both the Caillou gets grounded series and the Caillou Gets Ungrounded series. She is Caillou's little sister, and the second child of Boris and Doris (Anderson). She is also the deuteragonist of the first season of Life With/Without Parents and the tritagonist of the second season, the main antagonist of Rosie Gets Grounded videos, and the main protagonist of Rosie Gets Ungrounded videos.

About Her

Age: 2 (or 3), 22 (Caillou Fanatic Est 2004's version)

Family: Boris (dad), Doris (mom), Caillou (brother), "Grandpa", "Grandma"

Personality: In some series she acts like a blatantly stereotypical misandric radical feminist. In Caillou Gets Grounded videos she is mostly well-behaved, except in Rosie Gets Grounded videos where she is a troublemaker just like Caillou. But now, thanks to StefieB and Rosie haters (no offense to StefieB), she is mostly a troublemaker in almost any case. In pre-2016 videos she is often well-behaved, so Caillou influencing her at some point in a certain timeline could in fact be a reason she became a troublemaker in other timelines because... GoAnimate logic. (wow, such a scientific explanation!)


  • Caillou and Rosie often show sibling rivalry that can go to intense situations. For instance, they may fight over Peter Piper Pizza vs Chuck E Cheese's.
  • Caillou often does cruel pranks on her, such as dressing up as Pennywise and scaring her because she is afraid of clowns.
  • She loves her mom and dad because they play favorites and prefer Rosie much more than Caillou. They call her their "angel" sometimes because she is mostly well-behaved.
  • Rosie occasionally invites her friends to a sleepover, which Caillou takes pleasure in ruining them.


  • Rosie used to be afraid of clowns until Caillou dressed up as a clown to show her clowns aren't scary. (this was Doris's idea)
  • In GoAnimate, Peter Piper Pizza is her favorite restaurant. Right... because the troublemakers all have this one favorite restaurant or other place they always wanna sneak to.

Voice: VoiceForge Shy Girl (most of the time in pre-2016 videos), Salli (most of the time since VoiceForge Shy Girl got removed from GoAnimate), Acapela Rosie (on some videos and on Caillou Fanatic Est 2004's videos), Ivy (some videos)

Signature color : Blue

Other series (add your own here)

  • She is the deuteragonist of Sacred Assortment's Caillou series.
  • Caillou Fanatic Est 2004: She is the tritagonist of her Evil Caillou Gets Grounded series. In her Evil Caillou Gets Grounded series, She, Caillou, Boris, Doris, and Classic Caillou team up to ground Evil Caillou. According to Caillou Fanatic Est 2004, Rosie was born on October 12, 1995 which took in place in the World Trade Center City And Hospital. 
  • She is the secondary tritagonist (what even is that?) of The 1redbed Caillou Gets Grounded series. 

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