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Rosie on Caillou Fanatic Est 2004's Evil Caillou Gets Grounded series

Rosie is the tritagonist of the Caillou gets grounded series and the secondary tritagonist of The 1redbed Caillou Gets Grounded series. She is Caillou's little sister, and the second child of Boris and Doris. She is also in the deuteragonist of the first season of Life With/Without Parents and the tritagonist of the second season and the main antagonist of the Rosie gets grounded videos and the deuteragonist of the Sacred Assortment of The Caillou series as well as the tritagonist of the Evil Caillou Gets Grounded Series by Caillou Fanatic Est 2004. She was born on October 12, 1995 which took in place in the World Trade Center City And Hospital.

About Her

Born: January 14th, 1995

Age: 22

Family: Boris (dad), Doris (mom), Caillou (brother)

Likes: Boris, Doris, Caillou, Primetime Shows

Dislikes: Baby Shows (except for Caillou), Evil Caillou

Voice: VoiceForge Shy Girl (most of the time), Acapela Rosie (on Caillou Fanatic Est 2004's videos)

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