Rosie Ditches Caillou's Little Rascals School Play and Gets Grounded is an upcoming TV episode of American series, Rosie Gets Grounded. It will be uploaded by Venomous Soup 14.


At School, Caillou, Daillou, Leo, Clementine, Noddy, & all the other students are told by MIss Martin that they are going to do The Little Rascals Play by Hallmark. Caillou is going to be Spanky. Noddy is going to be Alfalfa. Clementine is going to be Darla. Leo is going to be Buckwheat, Daillou is going to be Porky. Miss Martin is going to be Miss Crabtree. And the rest of the students are going to be the rascals that appear in the Little Rascals Hallmark DVD:

Little Rascals Vol 3 & 4

The episodes as scenes run from 1927 - 1936.

The students and teacher study their lines for the play. Doris, Boris, & Rosie go to see the play. Rosie hates Caillou's play. While the play starts, Rosie asks Boris if she can use the bathroom. Instead, she goes to Peter Piper Pizza. Doris later asks where is Rosie. Boris says that Rosie must be at Peter Piper Pizza. After the play ends, Caillou's family find Rosie and ground her. As for Rosie's punishment, she is forced to watch The Little Rascals for the rest of her life.


Ivy: Caillou (Spanky)

Josh: Noddy (Alfalfa)

Shy Girl: Clementine (Darla)

Daniel: Leo (Buckwheat)

Paul: Daillou (Porky)

Kate: Miss Martin (Miss Crabtree)

All Text To Speech voices: Rest of the students as Rascals that appear in The Little Rascals Hallmark DVD that includes 10 episodes.

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