Rosie Gets Sent Away is a remake 2 episode that is like the first remake which will be uplaoded by Ronit Amin.


Alex Piela checks on youtube to see if Rosie made a grounded video out of Caillou or not. She did! Alex then calls Boris and Doris to close Rosie's youtube account. Later, some visitors, Heather O'Rourke, Megan C. Fenoglietto, Esther Williams, & Tex Avery see Rosie and give her punishments like she will be forced to watch O'Rourke's poltergeist films she appeared in the 1980s. The only youtube videos she watch is Emergency Alert System videos. Rosie will be forced to watch Esther Williams' MGM films for the rest of her boring life. Rosie will be forced to watch Tex Avery MGM Cartoons show for the rest of her life. Caillou then takes Rosie to the airport. She is going to Los Angeles, California for her punishment. And if she escapes, she will be grounded forever. Meanwhile in Los Angeles, Robert F. Kennedy takes Rosie to the Ambassador Hotel for bad youtubers.

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