Rosie Kills Boris/Arrested is an American TV episode aired on July 2, 2016. It is also similarly like Rosie Kills Caillou/Assaulted.


Rosie is complaining about her family that she is sick of it. They even ground her because for doing bad things and decides to kill them one by one. She then tells Boris that he can ground her and get away with it. She refuses to let Boris slide this time. She tells Boris that he never Grounds Caillou anymore and may be a good kid now but Rosie thinks that he needs to be grounded for nothing. Rosie tells Boris that he has to ground her when she does bad however. Rosie wants Boris to misbehave. She says to have enough of Boris and the nap he is taking is about to become eternal by feeding him something explosive and kills him after complaining ouch ouch ouch, he feels funny, tells Doris to call 911 because he accepts Jesus as his lord and savior. Rosie cheers that she killed his dad but not Doris, because she becomes angry at Rosie because she cannot believe Rosie killed Boris and Doris tells her that Rosie is in deep deep deep deep trouble. Doris decided to not ground Rosie but call the police to take her away by using her phone, telling the police that Rosie Killed Boris and told the police to arrest her for a long long time. The police dig through the house to find Rosie and take her to jail which is her cell/permanent new home. She decides once she gets out of jail, and thinks we will kill Doris, Caillou, Duncan, & Elizabeth with the police hearing that before telling Rosie that she is not killing anyone anymore and decides to extend her jail time to 2,000 more years and finally tells her to shut up.

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