Rosie Locks Her Family Out of the house is an upcoming TV episode of American series, Rosie Gets Grounded. It will be uploaded by Brandon Gold.


Rosie wishes that she can have fun but her family grounds her for nothing. She then locks all windows and doors so Boris, Doris, & Caillou can't get in. So Boris, Doris, & Caillou try to get through the door but locked, Boris asks if Rosie locked their family out of the house. Yes, she does as Doris tells her that she is not allowed to have fun in their family. Caillou says that they are Rosie's parents and brother and they can do whatever they want with her until she's 18 years old. Rosie then ignores everyone. Caillou, Boris, and Doris decide to break the window to get in until they get john cena to break the window and ladder and give Rosie punishments from the BFDI characters. Rosie then hears the police and arrest her. Caillou, Boris, & Doris visit Rosie in jail. Boris tells her when she gets out of jail, punishment day from the BFDI Characters.

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