Rosie Punishment Day the remake version by Ronit Amin, not the CaillouShow version, is the upcoming feature episode of American series, Rosie Gets Grounded. Ends at 110:51.


Day 1: For sneaking to watch My Little Pony and all other new shows that were made since 2001, Rosie gets tons of punishments:

Listening to old music from the LP Player

Getting Attacked By Gilbert

Forcing her to go to Chuck E. Cheese's so she can eat lots of Pizza before she gets fat.

Making her fit and exercise.

Forcing her to play World of Goo

Burn out MLP DVD & Dora Toy


Sleeping on her

Drooling on her

Hot Shower

Watch 3 Logos from The Little Rascals DVD: Artisan Home Entertainment, Hallmark Home Entertainment, & Family Home Entertainment Kids. Here are the photos of the logos:

Family Home Entertainment Kids
Hallmark Home Entertainment
Artisan Entertainment Logo

Blowing Up Peter Piper Pizza,

John Cena beats her up

Donating everything she owns to charity.

Biting her.

Sending her to Arlington National Cemetery where the eternal flame is located so Caillou's family can set her on fire.

When they get home.....

Day 2: As a big punishment, Rosie is forced to watch the old movies and TV shows: Tom and Jerry, Looney Tunes, Tex Avery, Droopy, Screwy Squirrel, George and Junior, Spike, Spike and Tyke, The Captain and the Kids, Barney Bear, Harman - Ising, Happy Harmonies, Flip The Frog, Willie Whopper, George Gordon, Hanna - Barbera, Bob Allen, Carl Urbano, The Little Rascals, Laurel and Hardy, All Stars, The Boy Friends, Charley Chase, Irwin S. Cobb, Max Davidson, Features/Streamliners, Harry Langdon, Musical Comedies, Pitts and Todd, The Taxi Boys, Todd and Kelly, Our Gang Comedies, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Getting Even With Dad, All Dogs Go To Heaven, National Velvet, The Black Stallion, Little Women, The Wizard of Oz, The Secret of Nimh, The Pebble and the Penguin, Broadway Melody of 1936, Broadway Melody of 1938, Buster Keaton, Judy Garland, MGM Composers Collection, MGM Horror Classics, MGM/UA Home Video Laserdisc Sampler, MGM: When The Lion Roars, Crime Does Not Pay, Dogville Comedies, Fitzpatrick Traveltalks, Classic Musical Shorts from the Dream Factory, Classic Shorts from the Dream Factory, Robert Benchley Comedies, Pete Smith Specialities, Ted Healy and His Stooges, Shirley Temple, Elizabeth Taylor, Esther Williams, Dr Seuss Video Festival, & Further more.

Day 3: Rosie escapes her punishment before she sees Stan Laurel and grounds him before he then runs to Oliver Hardy, telling him that Rosie is the one who grounded him and calls Doris, Boris, & Caillou before they go to their house, Boris, Doris, Caillou, Stan Laurel, & Oliver Hardy give Extra Punishments For Rosie:

Closing her Caillou Gets Grounded youtube account

Heather O'Rourke, Megan C. Fenoglietto, Esther Williams, & Tex Avery all beat Rosie up.

Caillou's brothers sit on Rosie

Sending Rosie to Goat City Bay, California where the Goats live. Doris watches Rosie get taken away to the audience. Here is the photo of the remake audience:

Remake Audience at Blessed Virgin Mary Church in Dickson City PA

Audience at the VBVM Church in Dickson City, PA.

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