Rosie and her girl sisters escape Aunt Maria's house and gets grounded is an upcoming TV episode of American series, Rosie Gets Grounded. It is made after going straight to Aunt Maria's house.


Rosie and her sisters hate Aunt Maria's houses. Because it sucks, all they do is watch old movies and TV shows, watch TV channels that were released in the 20th century, play old computer games on Aunt Maria and Alex's computers laptop, playing wii, eating pizza, going to Chuck E. Cheese's, Vermont Mall, Burlington Coat Factory, going to mass at Blessed Virgin Mary Church in Dickson City, Pennsylvania every sunday, & everything Alex Piela has done before. The girls then decide to break the window before an Emergency Alert System is heard to Aunt Maria when she finds out Rosie escaped. They then steal Aunt Maria's car to go to the Wilkes Barre/Scranton International Airport. They then go back to Caillou's house and cheer that they are finally home. Later, Caillou, Doris, Boris, Daillou, Elizabeth, Duncan, & Gilbert find Rosie and ground her for years. Instead, Rosie then destroys the plant.

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