Rosie deletes an Emergency Alert System video is an upcoming TV episode of American series Rosie Gets Grounded.


Alex Piela and Megan C. Fenoglietto decide to get some dinner. Megan decides Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza. There is lots of TV in Chuck E. Cheese's. Rosie then walks into The EAS Experience headquarters, goes on the computer and deletes one of the EAS videos. She then alarms that a youtube video was deleted. Alex and Megan C. Fenoglietto rush up to see what happened. Alex then says that no one but Rosie was in the room while the youtube video deletion was going on. Rosie then confesses that she broke into their youtube channel while Alex and Megan were attempting to eat at Chuck E. Cheese's. They start to get angry at Rosie before Alex decides to put her on the CBS News, call her parents, and she will get grounded. Alex then calls CBS News crew up to the EAS Headquarters. Walter Cronkite arrives at the EAS headquarters, telling everyone that Rosie deleted the videos due to a copyright claim, Alex and Megan get told about what has happened. Megan C. Fenoglietto says that she and Alex were going to Chuck E. Cheese's to get a 2 large pepperoni and cheese pizzas before an alarm goes off and they ran so fast back to the channel. Alex and Megan was going to order a large pepperoni pizza. And she was going to order a large soda. Rosie tells Doris, Boris, Caillou, Daillou, Baillou, Raillou, Maillou, Paillou, Elizabeth, Duncan, Classic Caillou to not ground Rosie before Megan C. Fenoglietto tells a statement to the parents and families of Rosie: They will be paying 5 hundred thousand dollars to the Emergency Alert System Headquarters for false copyright deletion and breaking into our channel. Caillou's family & brothers including Classic Caillou get angry about Rosie has done because they have to pay 5 hundred thousand dollars thanks to her which means No My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, No Anti Hero, No Peter Piper Pizza, & further more.


Daniel, Jennifer, or Joey: Alex Piela

Remake 1: Daniel

Remake 2: Jennifer

Remake 3: Joey

Salli: Megan C. Fenoglietto

Shygirl: Rosie

Tom: Walter Cronkite

Eric: Boris

Julie: Doris

Ivy: Caillou, Daillou, Baillou, Raillou, Maillou, Classic Caillou, & Paillou.

Elizabeth: Caillou's Grandma

Duncan: Caillou's Grandpa

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