Caillou-Shy Girl





It's Caillou's 4th birthday so Caillou and his family are going to Round Table Pizza. Rosie wants to go swimming. Once at Round Table Pizza, Rosie asks to go to the bathroom. Then, Rosie goes swimming. She then gets grounded.


Caillou: It's my 4th birthday.

Rosie: Can we have a pool party?

Dad: No, we're going to Round Table Pizza because he asked for it.

Mom: Go there or you're grounded.

(at Round Table) 

Rosie: Can Rosie go to the bathroom?

Mom: Sure.

Rosie: Now Rosie will go swimming. First Rosie will get in Rosie's swimsuit.

(Rosie gets in swimsuit)

Rosie: Now Rosie will swim.

Mom: How dare you ditch Caillou's birthday!

Dad: You are grounded for six weeks.

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