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SBDisneyPlanes01Swell is a very niceb oplane and He hates Samuel Brice for being a warren fan! He a GoAnimate 4 Schools Fan!

Date of Birth: November 1, 2001 he will be in the movie in ElsaAndDustylover2014: The Movie

Age: 12

Voice: Joey

Likes: Planes, MLP: FiM, Frozen, Anna & Elsa , Dusty , Chug, Dottie, Skipper, Olaf, Sven, Kristoff, Big Hero 6, How To Train Your Dragon, How To Train Your Dragon 2, Max & Ruby, The Super Hero Squad Show, Transformers, Spongebob Squarepants, GoAnimate 4 Schools, GoAnimate (he will return to September 1, 2014), Mario, Mickey Mouse, Dog with a Blog, Disney Channel and more!

Dislikes, Hans, Dora, Warren, Barney, Browser, Manster Hand, Erika, Zara, Annabelle, Getaway, Noah, R.I.P.D., Ripslinger, Starscream, Marshmellow, Ned & Zed and More!

Friends: Senna, FSComedian2014, Dylan Johnson, Calebcomedian, Ashercomedian2001, Megan Watkins, My Little Pony Friend, NintendoFan2000, RocketRacoonFanatic, OptimusYesMegaNo, Mr. GMAN's Channel, Dusty and more!

Eremies: Warren Cook, BobbyIsPoopy, Samuel Brice, Dora Rocks, RealOsomatsukun5460, Calum1998, Osomatuskun's Land, GrandChase RealCook, Lothos GrandChase, Ripslinger, and Ned & Zed.

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