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Samantha (voiced by Diesel) asks her mom and dad if she can go to the beach. She goes to a restaurant. Nearby, Zara throws a fit over not having McDonald's throws her food away. She then gets grounded. Later, Samantha goes to the beach and has fun.


Samantha: Mom. Mom: What is it Samantha? Samantha: Can I go to the beach? Mom: Yes, you're ungrounded. (In room) Samantha: My mom gave me good attitude. First, I will get into my swimsuit. (Gets into bikini) Samantha: Now, I will go to the beach. (At beach) Samantha: There's a restaurant. Let's get something to eat. (In restaurant) Zara: I am not having this. I want McDonald's! Mom: We are not having McDonald's! Zara: I'm going to throw everything away! Mom: Zara, how dare you throw the dinner table away! Now Samantha is staring at us. Zara: I don't give a flying flip at this girl in the bikini voiced by Diesel! I wish she would shut up! Samantha: You told me to shut up! Oh(77X)! Waiter: What was this about? Samantha: Sorry about that. A girl called Zara wanted McDonald's but she couldn't. She flipped over the table and now she's grounded (3X) for tranquility! (At beach and Kumi walks in her bikini) Kumi: Hi, Samantha. What's wrong with your voice? Sanantha: My voice is Diesel. Kumi: My voice is Julie.

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