Samuel Studio is GoAnimate and Flash in Private Company in World Video.

Samuel Studio
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2000 as Baby Chen Films




Dora Gets Grounded The Movie (2014) Sam Chen The Movie (TBA 2016)
TiVo Rocks: The Movie (TBA)


GoAnimate and Flash


Sam Chen
Sebby S. Truesdail
Slippy V

Known for

Grounded (2014-Presents finally Saill and the friend Series)
Non-Grounded (2014-Presents)


GoAnimate Studio
Diet Cola Entertainment






Salli and the friend get Grounded (TBA)


 Samuel Studio has been Founded in 2014 on March 7th, 2014 Sam Chen has late likes making dora gets grounded the Movie. had a Budget in $3,000. March 8, 2014 8:50PM Sam Chen has been first in Terminated on YouTube she By Terms of Sevice. on March 28th 2014 Sebby S. Truesdail in Action Made the Dora Gets Grounded the movie, she is GoAnimate Grounding Series Award 2014 in Budget $32,872,000 in Money saving people like its, The Samuel Studio income Good Company after Dan The Handsome with GoAnimate in Admin site we Banned of Grounding Video in no Longer in Grounding Video of by Terms of Use then Likes The Bullying Video. on   on April 15th 2014 we Started in TV Shows on YouTube, Salli and the friend Gets the friend gets Grounded (Private Video GoAnimate Account), on April 25th, 2014 Now New Grounded Video in the Salli and the friend gets the friend get Grounded.


Well be launched in Sam Chen the movie and TiVo Rocks the movie still TiVo has been Good user, they are Coming Soon in Future. Dan the Handsome Report grounded Video Made Banned of the Warning, The Cyberbulling Video is Wrong.


in 2001, Sam Chen was Born in 2001 then Founded in 2001 Privates Calls Sam Yi Prouduction, In 13 Year Ago, Sam Yi Prouduction Renames to Samuel Studio in Private Company Save.

List of Renames

Baby Chen Films (2000-2001)

Sam Yi Prouduction (2001-2014)

Samuel Studio (2014-Now Presents)

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