Zoombinis Logical Journey? More like. Zoom shitties crapical furby. Oh my god this game is so stupid! It is about a group of idiot creatures called the Zoombinis and they go on failure adventures. But wait, there's more. When they are off camera, they spend a time drinking, doing drugs, and having mass orgees. It was first known as the Logical Journey of the Zoombinis and was released in 1996. In 2001, it was remade. Unfortunately, a whole of shit load of things went wrong. The Zoombinis like to get all the way to Zoombiniville. They usually explore fucking puzzles which are somewhat difficult. Poor Captain Cajun is forced to look over the Zoombinis if he lets them sit in his ferryboat. He doesn't like it when the Zoombinis try to sit in a damn seat already taken. Arno is a jackass who does't like olives and sausage. He is so stupid and he is ready to rape his own pizzas. If he was a waiter at Chuck E Cheese's, he would probably get fired. Willa is a total pussy who is scared of mushrooms. This is probably her reaction every time of what this pizza is like. Shyler is a huge crybaby who is overweight. This is probably his reaction every time he doesn't like his pizza right. His voice is so ugly. And he gives a shit on his orders. Ignorameous gives sex of wherever the Zoombinis go and he doesn't know everything about the paths. He is very mean and is an angry whore. First, he shit his pants for the 101st time. Onyx is a fucking lunatic. He looks like a retarded owl. He is higher than Mount Everest. And boy, look at him. He sure is a hothead! Ferrous speaks like an old lady. She is very ugly and likes to give crap about which path the Zoombinis should take. She is also a drama queen. Crystal is a bitch who is a rude and conceited bully. Her voice sounds like an old hag and it is so stupid. Her mouth is large and she is a vomiter who feels like she has to vomit in the bathroom. She also calls the Zoom beanies little pebbles. Ulla Instantaneous is a retarded animal who lets time by when the Zoombinis try to enter the wrong doors. The Fleens are assholes and they are so ugly and annoying. And Bruno. Well, no one gives a fuck about him. Not even two or three. Do you know who likes this game? Tangy from Animal Crossing. She likes The Learning Company. Do you know who hates this game? Scoobybay. He is so retarded at playing Zoombinis. The next rant is Freddi Fish and Luther's Maze Madness.

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