Shadow Mario-Kidaroo

Chuckie Finster-Eric

Angelica Pickles-Princess

Real Mario-Diesel


Uh-oh, Shadow Mario stole Chuckie Finster's girlfriend. Angelica also confirmed that he tried to impersonate Mario. They sent in the real Mario and he was grounded.


Chuckie Finster: Shadow Mario, how dare you steal my girlfriend!

Shadow Mario: So that means no second dates, right.

Angelica Pickles: Yes, and also I heard that you've been an impostor, impersonating Mario shamefully! I'm calling the real Mario and I'm never seeing you again.

(At home)

Real Mario: Shadow Mario, how dare you steal Chuckie's girlfriend. It's even worse than impersonating me! That's it, you're banned from marrying Peach until Chuckie Finster and Angelica Pickles get married!

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