Short film of wood family is a grounded short video. it was created in August 18th 2013 by trinity hayes.


Juliet Wood- a young girl. she has blonde ponytail and wears pink dress.

Adam Wood- Juliet's brother. He wears purple baseball cap, his real hair is never seen. it briefly shown in some episodes. 

Mrs. Wood- a housewife and mother of juliet and adam. her real name was eleanor wood.

Mr. Wood- a juliet and adam's father. he works as a business man at office. his real name was hugh wood

Ms. cook- a school teacher of juliet and adam.

Mr. Weaving- a school principal.

President Leighton-  a first president of white house.

Ms. Greens- a elderly substitute teacher.

Carla- a juliet's best friend.

Ms. millhouse- wood's neighbor.

Mr. millhouse- ms.millhouse's husband.

Lucy and Maria- a twin sisters who was juliet and adam's classmate.

Joe- adam's best friend.

Some minor characters


Short films

"got in trouble in school"

"night cooking"

More short films coming soon.

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