Sid: Man I'm So Bored What Should I Do?

Sid: I Know I Will Go To The Zoo

(At The Zoo)

Sid: These Lions are Awesome

Sid: These Elephants are Stupendous

Sid: These Parrots Are Cool

Sid: These Chameleons Are Excellent

Sid: These Crocodiles Are Great

(Zelda Does A Loud 500% 1962-1975 Godzilla Roar)

Zelda: Sid Sid Sid Sid Sid Sid Sid Sid, You Little Yellow Skinned Kid Get Over Here Right Now!

Sid's Dad: Sid How Dare You Went To The Zoo I Was Just About To Call The Police Guess What You Are Grounded for 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Years

Zelda: And For This You Will Get Sliced By Someone Do You Know Who It Is I Will Give You a Hint. He Wears Green Tunic, He Is In Love Of Me, and He Is From Ocarina Of Time as An Adult Do Know Who It Is?

Sid: I Don't Want To Get Sliced By Link.

Zelda: That's Right Link Will Slice You Up For Good, Link Slice Him!

Link: Prepare To Be Sliced

(Link Slices Sid)

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