SkullGreymon is a character from Digimon.


Powers: Brute

Born:jan 1st 1915


Voice: Scary Voice

Occupation: Principal

Friends: Alan Cook, SuperTimmyboy32 (formerly), Slippy V, DavidtheAnimationGuy, BrandontheMovieGuy,Michael d,chickenx4 ,rabbids,ed,edd,eddy,General Venjix

Enemies: Warren Cook, SuperTimmyboy32, penny and Mitch,nick,Dora,prundence,Rita,willow,fio ,metal slug gang,Kiki,satsuki,mei,Ivy,Tohru ,Alia ,Maggie ,Hugo ,Bridgette (from TD) ,azumanga daioh gang,yomi,miku,rin,len,Zara,Kristin Konkle,tomo,osaka,Thomas fargo,Maria (Chiquititas),Lee Kanker,May Kanker,Marie Kanker,Nazz ,Sarah,Noah,Amy,Samey,Gwen,Dawn,Ella,Jeff,Amy,Clarence

SkullGreymon goanimate
Likes: Skeletons,spore

Dislikes: Warren Cook who doesn't listen to him

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