Slippy V
  • Slippy V is a good user. He is an enemy of Warren Cook Erika, and a friend of VH666

Born: June 21, 1989

Age: 28

Voice: Professor (normal), Kidaroo (some users), Scary Voice (angry/furious), Eric/Diesel (rare)

Quotes In

  • Here's a health to the king and a lasting peace / To faction an end, to wealth increase; / Come, let us drink it while we have breath, / For there's no drinking after death, / and he that will this health deny, down among the dead men, / Down among the dead men, / Down, down, down, down, / Down among the dead men let him lie.
    • Erika, Did you hate me Right Now? Why Scratch in claw to protect everything? You're parasites, feeding off the industry of honest men!
    • Know your place Peasant! You may have taken my life, but you have not improved your own by any measure!
    • [Last Words] If not for that heathen, Joey Marquez, LL95, I'd have seen you hanged from your own crosstrees, Bastard! All of you!