Brian:GtaMixer83,Patrick star,CodPlayerItaly and CodPlayerGermany

Joey: Krachanko,Sonic,Alex Mason,Woods,Hudston

Kidaroo:Chuck E Cheese,Terance,Finaaz,Spenez Soldier 1 and Shrimp Boy

Lawrence:Lancer from Gears Of War named after a gun,Lukas and Nikkos

Simon:Larcus,Peanut Otter,Ghost,Spenez soldier 2 and Bryan 

Belle:Queen Lanlion,Minse and Paige

Callie:Caliber's wife,Spenez soldier 3 (as a girl) and Cassie

Kayla:Sophia The Otter and dora

Tween girl:Peanut Otter Spenez soldier 4

Young Guy:Spenez soldier 5 and Pvt Duke 



Spenez soldier 1:"Is going on?!?!?!?!"

Spenez soldier 2:"I DONT KNOW AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

Spenez soldier 3:"I think there-"

Sophia The Otter:"Uhh guys what are you doing here in my House?"

(All the spenez soldiers stood in silence then stepped back and runs back to their houseboat safe house)

Spenez soldier 1:"What now guys?!??!"

Spenez soldier 2:"uhh guys"

(Spenez soldier 2 got his mouth covered by spenez soldier 4)

Spenez soldier 4:"Not Now Spenez soldier 2"

Spenez soldier 2:"Mmph mphm mhmhmhmmhhmmhhmhmhm (translated to:we have to go now!")

Spenez soldier 4"why is that spenez soldier?"

(then all the spenez soldiers look at spenez soldier 5 and saw his intstine blow out by a revolver)

Spenez soldier 5:"Awahahahahah (20x)"

(then spenez soldier 5 falls on the ground and bleeds from mouth and intenstine)

Spenez soldier 1:"OH MY GOSH HE WAS KILLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Spenez soldier 2:"But who?"

(Scene cuts to the outside of the safehouse)


They saw a crowd from andy panda gets grounded series 

All the spenez soldiers:"Oh Cr!@

(then the spenez soldiers get beaten up and there were gun shots heard and they all died)

Dora:"I hope you burn in hell" 


(then all of them were blown up buy a tnt box)

(The End)

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