This video's purpose is to encourage CodPlayerRussia to stop making unwanted changes to PB&Jotterisnumber1's transcripts.


Sophie the Otter (voiced by Kayla): "Hey! This is me, Sophie the Otter. This is my message to CodPlayerRussia."

Sophie the Otter: (appearing angry) "CodPlayerRussia, can you please stop making unneeded edits to my transcripts? They are mine and you didn't make them. In Dora gets grounded for Ultraplex Years, don't change Dora's altered voice to Paul. I want it to be Scary Voice because it is more humorous. And don't make the Stephen gets grounded BIG TIME! page's transcript inaccurate by adding characters and limiting the punishment lengths as well as removing the video. Thank you. I hope you reply to this."

Sophie: "That is all I have to say, Oodelay!" 

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