Sporx after a change to his new profile "I'm lazy"Lineart by Lykainion-Nastusia

Sporx's profiles in 3D

Sporx's profiles in 3D as his YouTube old account

Sporx The Dutch Angel Dragon also Sporx Nightcall or Sporx  The Dutchie or SporxTheAngelDragon20000 else as Spyro-Cheong, who doesn't as known, who he's it, Sporx is a dutchie "That's as I said, you guys are from"


Name: Sporx Nightcall

Species: Dutch Angel Dragon

Age: 17 years old

Birthday: Nov 10

Country: Malaysia

Speaks: English, Korean, Japanese, Malay/Indonesia, A.D/D.A.D Tongue (idk), Random language

Sounds: Chirping, Squeak, Purring, Panting

Gender: Genderless (He/him or She/her)

Voice: N/A (Only GoAnimate/GoAnimate For School), Himself (He thinking about his voice like a woman)

Sporx had his tail is long

Sporx had the pupils is round with smaller


Color iris:Cyan-blue

Color eye: Plain-green

Mouth color:Pink-light

Tongue shape: Forked

Blood color: Dark-red

Furs color: White

Hat color: White/Pale-green/Purple


Friends of Dutchies: Crimson, Mountaintop, Hazard, Daiko

Best friends of Dutchies: Nameless


Likes: Dragons, Cats, Birds, Chocolate Cakes, Begin a cute, New friends

Dislikes: Begin a lonely


Youtube: Old Youtube:



*Chirp! *Chirp!* *Chirp!*

Hooba Dooba!

Oh no, please no.

Whatcha doing? *Chirp?*

Yip! (Yes!)

Na. (No.)

What do you mean?

Oh! I almost forgot.

What's wrong, bro?

Damn, I-I-I am not trying anymore...Just a misunderstanding.


Sporx, Little-creature fluffy, Sporks, Orbit, White-Dragon-Feather


His hat with a Wide Pale-green Brim, Pale-green Band, Long pointed and Golden Buckle

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