This is what Starfade looks like.


Date of Birth: September 21, 1979

Age: 36

Voice: Young Guy

Debut: HNWF Uncensored 2000

Spouse: Lila (2001-)

First Match: El Alma Dolorosa vs. Starfade (Result: Win)

Most Famous Match: (Steel Cage) Starfade vs. Ted Myers vs. Bruce Wild vs. Ralph Damage vs. Hardcore Harrison vs. Jack McLaren (Result: Won HNWF Championship)


  • Ted Myers has acknowledged Starfade as "one of his best friends" and "the only wrestler I've ever fought that I know can beat me"
  • Ted Myers and Starfade are friends because they trained at the same academy.
  • The only time Ted has ever lost a Top Superstar Match, he was eliminated by Starfade. Starfade eventually won the whole event.
  • His theme song is "Come Out and Play" by The Offspring.
  • His finishing move is the Cosmosian Takedown
  • He has the longest HNWF Television Championship reign of all time at an incredible 700 days. He never actually lost the title in a match, he just had to vacate it due to an injury.

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