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intellegent ATHIEST is a good user that makes grounded videos out of made up characters,villains,bad users, baby show characters and hated characters. he is friends with, tough punky, thieving racoon, killermario439, mrgamermason, commander derp, officerpoop247, slim wario, dieseliscutie vgcp, and raptor jesus.

Bandicam 2014-11-15 18-47-14-597

information Edit



likes and dislikes Edit

likes:goanimate, sonic, ben 10, nintendo, mega man , mortal kombat, kirby, pheonix wright, duck tales, naruto, bleach, dragon ball, anime, power rangers, zombies, frakenstein, dracula, spongebob, regular show, lego, adventure time, godzilla,gumball, steven universe, gravity falls, phineas and ferb, wonder over yonder, marvel, dc,family guy, south park, american dad, cleavland show, beavis and butthead, and other awsome stuff

dislikes: breadwinners, baby shows, allen gregory, sanjay and craig, bad users, epic meal time, smosh (although he used to like them), anonoying orange, fred the show, duck dynasty, jersy shore, and other stupid stuff

friends and enimies Edit

friends:officerpoop247, tough punky, isaiha anderson, thieving racoon, killermario439, mr.gamermason, slim wario, king evan noble, dieseliscutie vgcp, and all good users

enimies: justin bieber, swaysway and budus, one direction, kim kardashian, kanye west, nicki manaj, blood on the dance floor, hitler, osama bin laden, north korea,caleb the animator, utubetrollpolice, and other crappy pepole!


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