The Channel is named after A Very Popular Russian Puppet, Stepashka.

Sarah Boucher was born on September 15, 1998 in Waterbury, Connecticut, United States. She is the Second Daughter and Youngest Child of Janet Boucher (nee Pietri, b. 01/27/1962), a former school counselor and Gary Boucher (b. 07/31/1963), a factory worker. She has 4 older sibblings, 3 brothers, Joe (b. 11/23/1983), Kyle (b. 09/30/1991), Jason (b. 02/19/1993), and an older sister, Rebecca (b. 09/06/1994). She was a former student at Bucks Hill Preschool (Early 2000s), Generali Elementary School (September 2004- June 2010)and Wallace Middle School (September 2010-June 2013). She was a  student at Crosby High School, where she was in 9th Grade from August 27 2013 until March 20 2014. She is a Warren Hater

Her Youtube Accounts: geekgirltv2011 (July 16, 2011 - April 14, 2013) Sandmann99Swell (April 24 2011 - August 23, 2013) StepashkaRossiya (August 23, 2013 - Present) 

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