Stephanie Dad

Stephanie Mom


Barack Obama

Michelle Obama

Barack Obama Pet (Dog)

Dick Cheney

George W Bush

Hillary Clinton

News Caster

Kimberly The Reporter


When stephanie is bored at room when "Wait i cant blow up the white house beacause i hate president obama and first lady michelle obama so much" stephanie say. When use a bomb and blown up the white house while making a Address To The nation When President and First Lady comes out to Talk to Stephanie. Obama said Will Chase a Dog to Stephanie while calling a parents to ground her stephanie runs back to house to make stephanie Dad ground to stephanie. When Dad say "Its a my favorite president ever" and Stephanie Mom say "Like a little J**k" .When Watch a News they have reporter Kimberly to interview a officials kimberly goes at inside on white house when to interview first is Dick Cheney about ground to stephanie and yell again looks like Stephanie mom. Second interviewing is former president is George W Bush and Hillary Chinton but W Bush say "they watching all movie makers at arent something terrible for a blend of" when W Bush when Daughter Stephanie and watching with diesel to ground her. Final Interview President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama But Barack Obama say "I Know who Destroyed the White House it Was Stephanie i just know her parents are going ground her big time" and Michelle Obama say "I and my Husband (Barack Obama) Stephanie Should be Grounded for Destroying The White House during my home be stay you" Kimberly Back To News Caster. Eric Said "Go To you room now" and Stephanie Back To Room.

The End

Hatest People

Stephanie is no 3 hatest Character in go animate

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