Stephanie goes camping, and then she misbehaves on the way to American Sniper.


Dad: Now Stephanie, Poppy has invited you go camping with the ElHeroes fan club. If you misbehave, you'll be grounded for 2 months. Okay?

Stephanie: Okay Dad.

Poppy: Stephanie, we are going to the AMC Theatres to see American Sniper, since I wanted to see it.

Stephanie: (disgusted) But Poppy, I hate American Sniper, besides, that movie is for adults. I rather stay at the camp site and watch Dora and Friends on my cell phone.

Poppy: We are going to see American Sniper so don't misbehave.

(car whoosh)

Stephanie: But Poppy, I don't want to go.

Poppy: We are going to see American Sniper, so get used to it.

Stephanie: Can we go to McDonalds?

Paz: No, but you can get something to eat at the theatre.

Stephanie: But I'm really really really really really really really hungry!

Paz: Fine, go to McDonalds, but be quick!

(30 minutes later)

Princess Celestia: Seriously, again?

Princess Luna: We've had this problem before. Stephanie.

Stephanie: I'm sorry. I decided to get 1 of everything so I would've avoided that.

Mila: Too bad, Stephanie.

Stephanie: Poppy, can I get Dora and Friends on DVD?

Poppy: Fine, this is the last stop, and we're going straight to the premiere.

(45 minutes later)

(whoopee cushion)

Poppy: Hey, how dare you set off whoopee cushions? Now the car smells like a dumpster. I'm pulling out the pure amulet,

(the car smells fresh)

Stephanie: I'm going to sprinkle laughing powder on Princess Celestia and Princess Luna!

(car crashes)

Poppy: How dare you break this car? That's it! All of you out of the car!

(50 minutes later)

Poppy: It's 6:45, and it stated the movie started at 4:30. Wait a minute! The movie has already ended! That's it! Stephanie, your in deep trouble!

(Stephanie goes home)

Dad: (disgusted) Stephanie, why are you home early? And why are you crying like a baby?

Stephanie: I made them miss one showing of American Sniper, they stated their taking the next one at 7:50

Dad: Stephanie, it's 7:25, did they already go?

Stephanie: Yes, they did.

Dad: Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh Stephanie, how dare you stall them? That's it! Your grounded for 2 months! Go to bed right now!

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