Stephen Fisher

Stephen Fisher (known as Stephen J Fisher) is a good YouTuber. He loves TheSuperBaxter, TheOmgWtfproductions, AntiTrooperGirl, Matthew Slee, ninjaboy1able, Slippy V, Cayby J, MrLegoFan404, Bradleywestgarth1999, and More Good Youtubers. His weight is 342 pounds.

Stephen Fisher Hates

The Bad Youtubers like Dora Rocks, Memy9909 SeaDisney1998, Warren Cook, Likeplaneboy, ILoveMemy9909, VideoGamerLegit, Boots Rocks, Kayla9909, Carsonfanclub, MrBobTomato (Unformy), MemyAndCarson, DrewAndMario, TheSamueIJoe, ComputerRuz2000 Memy Rocks, GrandchaseRealCook and more bad Youtubers,

Early Life

Stephen Fisher was born in September 26 2001 - as Kown as a Baxter fan, 15 days after September 11 Attacks. His mom, Kathy Ramsey, his dad, Eric Fisher, his grandparents, Grandpa, Grandma, his brother, Cristian, his 2 sisters, Sandy and Sirra, his baby sister, Nora. In 2012, Stephen starts making videos out of Memy9909and his fans forever, In 2014, Stephen Fisher announced that he will not be dealing with Baxter fans, so he put Memy9909 Grounded Series back.                    

Character's Voice: David/Evil Genius/Zack

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