Name: Stephen P. Lickson

Age: 53

Born: October 19, 1829

Death: July 19, 1882

Cause Of Death: Expelled for counterpart, Mexico Major, And had been bombed by the KVA (Kill Vice Admin)

Stephen Lickson is a battle man on battle of season village! Born in Season Village, GoAnimate American, We going to tank on season village (tara) to Goanimate city (Maya)! In Says Hungarian English like: lacko: hello stephen, can i marry me! On Airplane Hungarians, And Budapest marries lacko! Well, Writes A Paper: Battle Of Season Village! July 19, 1882 with wife! His Coming A Tank With Qpundeer Squidward! His died in Blue's Farm! Stephen runs Season Village To MineSie (Minecraftia) Well, GoAnimate And Minecraft didn't existed 1882! Stephen runs back to minesie (minecraftia) to Season Village! He is died 1882 summer

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