Steve: Steve is a "troublemaker" character that was created by a Youtube user named "TheOmgwtfproductions" He is the main character of the "Steve series" He has made his first appearance on the first episode called "Steve get's grounded" 

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Gender: Male

Hair: Black

Age: 21

Voice: Eric

School: Gunthern High School

Family: Diesel (Father) 

Kate (mother)

First Apperance: All my recent GoAnimate characters (

Last Apperance: Memy9909 get's beaten up by Spacewalker4444 (

Ethnicity: Caucasian-American

History: As a child, Steve loved his parents a lot, but after a lot of arguments happened, things changed. They pushed all their anger to Steve. After that, when Steve went to high school, he met his school bully (Alan). Alan made Steve unfocused in school, which would make Steve get in trouble a lot. He also met Alan's girlfriend (Amy) who has also made Steve unfocused. Because of Steve not being able to focus, he got held back a lot, so he never past high school yet. A few months later, Steve met Amy's sister (Jessica). They later became boyfriend and girlfriend on the episode, "Steve get's a girlfriend." After that happened, things got a lot better for Steve. He even got an opportunity to be a D.J artist. His relationship with his parents got better after that. He even started to do better in school. which leads to the ending of the series.

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