Street Long Productions Inc.
StreetLongProductions 1999


July 16, 1999


December 28, 2013


I'm in the Street! (1999-2013)

Owned by

The Walt Disney Company (99%)

Nelvana (86%)


Brian Jones


United Kingdom

United States



Key people

Simon Jones, CEO

Known for

Live action shows, cartoons, web cartoons and stop motion (1999-2013)

Street Long Productions is a British/American production company that produced cartoons, stop motion and live action shows. It was founded in 1999 until 2013 in Colorado. The company is known for producing live action shows and movies, stop motion, and cartoons, In 2010, Brian announced that Street Long is closing in 2012. but it changed to 2013. This time, It was Christmas 2013.

Stop Motion by Street Long Productions

  1. The Stop Motion Simpsons (1999)
  2. Frosty The Snowman Friday (1999)
  3. Brian's Flash Animation Test (1999)
  4. Sesame Street Related (1999)
  5. Barbie Motion Style! (1999)
  6. Retired Mickey Mouse (2000)
  7. Retired SpongeBob (2000)
  8. I'm Running in the Street by Brian Jones (2000)
  9. Use Your Noggin! by Spumco (2000)
  10. SpongeBob Stop Motion Reel (2001-2002)
  11. Pixar Light Animation (2002)


  1. Recess Mess (2003-2005)
  2. Super Mario Bros. with Luigi (2004-2007)
  3. Here It Is! (2006-2008)
  4. Be the Star! by Go!Animate (2008-2015)
  5. Mario's Bad Day (2008-2011)
  6. The Wii Remote (2008-2009)

Web cartoons

  1. I'm Flashy! by animator Nicole Jones (1999-2004)
  2. Luigi's Revenge (1999-present, in new seasons it's working with Adobe Flash)
  3. Kid's Whine (1999-2007)
  4. I'll Be Right Back! (2004-2010)
  5. The Start of the World (2004-2005, reruns airs on TLC as a TV series in 2006 to 2014)
  6. The First Day of School (2005-present)

Live action shows

  1. Let's Do This! (2003-present)
  2. Bang! Boom! Pop! (2006-present)
  3. All Hall CatMan! (2006-2012)
  4. The BIG Prank (2009-2011)

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