Sue's Death is a episode of Mysterious Crime Articles from Season 3. This video was created by the late TacoComedian (HeavenlySteven).


Jacob Moncatch

Millie as Sue (criminal)

Diesel as Sue's father

Grace as Sue's mother (victim)

Professor as Conrad, Sue's brother.

Kate as Tamama (Sgt. Frog), mistaken for Blue Yoshi.

Paul as a man who tells that Sue is grounded for ruining their dinner night.

Scary Voice as Omnicorp Chief, Robocop

Steven as Officer Ken

Kidaroo as a police officer who kills Sue at school.


Jacob Moncatch: This crime article comes from Milford, MA. Sue was in a local fancy restaurant with her father and mom. It was 4:15 AM, EDT. Look-a-like actors, the imitation talents of voice actor Frank Welker, special effects, CGI animation and the police officers that were involved with her death in the gunfight have helped us reconstruct this tragic view from a troublemaker's eyes. Sue's death scene was taped by a police car dashcam as it happened.

(Fade out, and fade in to the fancy restaurant, we then cut to inside of the restaurant)

Sue: I don't like this dinner! What is this?

Sue's Father: It's chef salad with chicken and mashed potatoes.

Sue: No, i'm not eating my dinner!

Sue's Father: You're eating your dinner so eat it NOW!

Sue: No. I want McDonald's!

Sue's Mom: Your father tells you we are not having McDonald's until further notice. We're having chef salad with chicken and mashed potatoes, so eat it!

Sue's Father: Your mother is right Sue! We're having steak with chef salad with chicken and mashed potatoes, now eat it!

Sue: That's it! I'm getting rid of this garbage!

(Sue pushes over the table, with a glass smashing sound)

Sue: Oh no!

Sue's Mom: Owowowowowowowowowowowow! Sue! How dare you flip over the table!

Sue's Brother: I cannot believe it! You are grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded for 10 days!

Sue: I better pick you up! (walks over and picks up her parents)

Sue's Mom: How could you do this to your own parents! Your brother said that you are grounded for 10 days! Your punishment is that there will be no computers, no TV, no video games, no more, no ice cream, no pizza, and further more.

Man: Your parents will clean up this mess. Go home now and go upstairs to your room now!

Blue Yoshi: Go now!

Sue: (runs out crying)

Blue Yoshi: Now to call the officers of the Omnicorp. *picks up phone* Operator, get me Omnicorp. *Disconnected number tones sound* Hello, Omnicorp. Sue has commited violence by flipping over a table,

Scary Voice: Sue committed domestic violence! Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh, she is so going to be kicked to hell right now!

Blue Yoshi: That is what i said is much. Make sure she is dead by tomorrow.

Scary Voice: We'll be there right away!

Blue Yoshi: Good, i'll see you when you get there!

(Local Ad Break)

Jacob: The next day, the Omnicorp officers arrived at Sue's house in Medford, MA.

Sue: Today is the last day of school forever! Now i'll get out on early releases!

Officer Ken: You are not going anywhere young lady! We are here to stop you because you almost killed your parents.

Robocop: We agree with Ken! Let's disable her!

Sue: Well, if you are going to shoot me, i'll shoot you with my AK-47!

Robocop: Oh no, she has a AK-47! Disable her!

Sue: Well i am going to disable all of you!

(Sue shoots Ken and the two Robocops)

Jacob: Sue shot the officers with an AK-47 her father recovered from the Iraq war.

Sue: Now i am going to shoot that blockade!

(Sue blows up the blockade)

Sue: Now to get to school!

Jacob: Helicopters flew to Medford High School. Tanks and officers also arrived.

Officer: Sue, step up with your hands up! We have you surrounded! Surrender at once!

Sue: Never! And i want to get to school!

Officer: You asked for it! Take her down boys!

(A gunfight ensues, and Sue crys as she is shot)

Jacob: Sue was killed instantly.

(Cut to Sue's funeral)

Jacob: Sue's funeral was held in her backyard with 50 million people, making it one of the largest peaceful gatherings of people.

(cut to Bucky)

Jacob: Bucky, Sue's boyfriend, read the eulogy, which was:

Bucky: (reading) God saw you getting tired and a cure was not to be, so he put his arms around you and whispered, "Come to Me"

With tearful eyes we watched you and saw you pass away, and although we love you dearly we could not make you stay.

A Golden heart stopped beating hard, working hands at rest. God broke our hearts to prove to us, he only takes the best.

(cut to a courtroom, with Blue Yoshi crying)

Jacob: 6 weeks later, Bucky took Blue Yoshi and the officers that killed her, along with the Omnicorp, to court. The Omnicorp was banned from doing such a thing again by the FBI, Blue Yoshi was deported to Yoshi's Island for incarceration, and the officers that killed her were suspended for 3 weeks.

(Fade to Sue's family at Monster Jam. The monster truck "Quad Chaos" is performing freestyle)

Jacob: Her family regret that day and having their daughter die. They now have had the Arena Authority of GoVille re-name the newly rebuilt GoVille Arena as the "Sue Nathan Memorial Coliseum", which has a hockey rink that rolls out by the push of a button like the playing field at the University of Phoenix Stadium. The event in this video is a United States Hot Rod Association Monster Jam event.

(Cut to Sue's ghost in a video store isle)

Jacob: However, Sue's ghost has been spotted several times since 2013 at a children's video store, looking at the pre-teens isle.

(interview with Sue's ghost)

Sue's ghost: I will visit my little sister, who was inspired by me on her 7th birthday to help her make a independent film.

(Sue's ghost looks down at a Monster High DVD)

Jacob: Only Sue's now 12-year old little sister's BFF Joanna is aware of this.

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