Susan Smith

Her Stuff

Name: Susan Smith

Born: November 9th 2012

Age: 10 months

Zodiac Sign: Cancer



Likes: Sleeping, Barney, Dora, Soup, Spagettim More...

Dislikes: Church, Hospital, Being Hurt, Bullied

Paul (Older Brother 1 Year)

Julie (Older Sister 3 Years)

Catherine (Older Sister 12 Years)

Brian (Older Brother 17 Years)

Mother (Mother 40 Years)

Father (Mother 44 Years)


Susan Smith Is The Baby of The Family(Youngest), She GEts abused By Julie Smith And Sometimes Gets into trouble, Her first Grounding was in The SMith Family #19, She Died in Teh SMith Family #42, Susan Died when Julie Broke Her Head & Bleeding too much, She DIed in The Hospital, She is in a Better Place Now

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