Sweet Cabin Fever Network is a TV network based from RHI and Sonar Entertainment. This TV Channel has shown the classic Hal Roach Library (Little Rascals, Laurel and Hardy, Charley Chase, etc.)

Cabin Fever Network
== Shows ==


Yo Mama Jokes

MLG Peppa Pig

Jimmy Sniffles

Caillou Gets Ungrounded

Rosie Gets Grounded

Darth Maul Gets Grounded

Ju7641 Sydner

Doris Gets Grounded

Darth Vader Gets Grounded

Dave and Larry Get Grounded

Dora Gets Grounded

Venom Gets Grounded

Noddy Gets Ungrounded

Doomsday Gets Grounded

Jabba the Hutt Gets Ungrounded

Superman Gets Ungrounded

Cyborg Gets Ungrounded

Evil Arthur Gets Grounded

Bizarro Gets Grounded

David Gets Grounded

Rosie for Hire

Ronit Gets Ungrounded

The Little Rascals

Laurel and Hardy

Tex Avery MGM Cartoons

Tom and Jerry

Looney Tunes

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