T-1,000,000, as he appears

T-1,000,000 is a massive spider-like liquid metal Terminator and guardian to Coulden Pettit, Louielouie95 and Landon Dibbles, as well as the last resort of getting the bad users to get really grounded. He was headquartered at Skynet, his home base, and defended the central core from attack. His main weapons are his 8 legs that can form stabbing, slashing weapons.

Although incapable of mimicking subjects like the Series 1000 can, it can metamorphisize from an apparently solid part of Skynet's central core to his default arachnid configuration. As the Terminators now work with their dark demon lords of Hell; dark demi-leaders of the Society of Demons and Big Crunch, T 1,000,000 is the only Terminator who stays as Coulden's ally.

Model Name: Series 1,000,000

Voice: Scary Voice (default voice)

Date of Creation: April 27, 1996

Age: 20

Affiliation: Skynet

Gender: None (although Coulden refers to T-1,000,000 as a he)

Threat Level: Extreme

Likes: Skynet, his troops, Coulden Pettit, Louielouie95, Landon Dibbles, ajizzleh2o, friends of Coulden, Louie and Landon Dibbles.

Dislikes: Getting incinerated, troublemakers not listening to him, Warren Cook, the Skynet CPU getting destroyed

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