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 He is a Animator who has made over 200 videos he has not gained loads of views but provides funny animations aimed at people over the age of 18



TCP has made more than 75 Harmon videos but most of them were titled thomascrowley's animation and gained 0 views each episode. Then, 8 months later it was renewed for a shorter 15 episode season which was aired on his youtube account prozoneish. Harmon followed the life of a political singer (Really is american politician Ron Paul) and his friends. He made two feature films that were around 1.30-2.00 long. yey. He is making the third one. They were based around this story arc. An evil president Obama tries to kill Harmon because he is trying to win the next election. He loses that but (Movie 2) releases one of his henchmen to kill Harmon. The henchman kills his female protester friend and his friend who smokes. They get away (The living) but the other 2 die apart from Harmon as they fall into a trap. (Movie 3) Obama dies and comes back as a zombie and Harmon has to get some new friends to help kill Obama. (NO MORE SPOILERS.)

The daily life of John is the adventures of a terrorist.

Randomness is a series of random sweary and bloody and funny events! It is always different.

And a few other ones....

Why age 18+???


It uses violence which makes it 18+

It uses sexual content but only enough to make it 15+

It uses small drugs... PG.

It uses totally over the top launguage... (IF REAL) 21+ (OR 18+)

So..... 18+ yEAHH?

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