Taylor she looks wonderful

Taylor she is a Best for Team Family

Taylor JoliCoeur (known as Ichikojo) is an American user with Asian roots having joined in mid 2013. Guys

Voice: Salli

Lovely husband Eric

Daughters Kara, Bella Annie,Ivy,Kristina, Kaylee,and Jesse

Son Jake

Jake is going to Fiancé with Claire Renee

Date of birth: December 8, 1991

Disliked Ally Percy,Nick lee, Isaac,Joyce and Jane, Henny Loc, LothosGrandchase, Osomatsukun's Land, MR KEEBLER, RENTRO,BobbyPoopyGuy, Ted and Justin, Stafford, Warren Cook Grandchase Realcook warren girl Nathan Pearson, Daniel Osborne, PowerJohn25GA, Macusoper, Joey, Deathwing Kenneth Sister Jigglypuff Miley and Alice Dustin Brandi and the friends Jacob and the friends and warren cook

Friends LouieLouie95, Mrandy703, Trinity Hayes, Skyler Hawkins, Dylan Johnson, ta591iad1, Freddie, Porky, Julie, Kendra, Benjamin, Byron Comedian, ItsReAcTiiOnz98XD, Jack Dawson, Destiny, Team Family Members, GoAnimatelover2003, Slippy V,Gracecomedian, Adult Mall Coulden pettit, Sebby, Kevin Palm, Victor, CalebComedian, Nemo333m, MG2003, Matt Crowley, Taylor Hayes, Jose Marquez, Joey Marquez, PC Guy Caroline0204, Sam Chen, Phillip Psareas, Kenny Clark, Adrianna, Andrew, LW97, ta591iad1, Courtney Springer,SERGEANTCOMMANDARMY(Adriehl), and Jordanthebondfan04,Michael deheus