This was made by CodPlayerRussia aka Josh The GoAnimate Boy


Eric as Commenter Guy 1

Joey as Commenter Guy 2

Shy Girl as Girl Announcer

Brian as Ted Myers

Zack as Joshua Kongo


Commenter Guy 1: "We have a Main event here!"

Commenter Guy 2: "Yep of Course.."

(Ted Myers's Theme Song Plays)

Announcer: "The Following Contest Is a last man standing match coming from the ring from Sanford, North Carolina Weighing 230 Pounds Ted Myers!"

(Joshua Kongo's Theme Song Plays)

Announcer: "And his opponent from The Beautiful beaches weighing 235 pounds Joshua Kongo!"

(The Bell Rings "DING DING")

Commenter Guy 1:" Ok Joshua is starting off with a Leg Chop."

Commenter Guy 2: " Now Ted Myers with a crutch!"

(WIP anyone can edit it)

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