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Teletubbies GoAnimate is a GoAnimate project created by Handsomepuppy32. After finding out about GoAnimate, he decided to make Teletubbies for GoAnimate. He is is currently making Teletubbies episodes on GoAnimate and posting them to Youtube. 
Teletubbies GoAnimate

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5 episodes (more coming)

Series running

July 6 2013 - present






  • Paul - Tinky-Winky
  • Eric - Dipsy, Little Boy in TV Events
  • Julie - Laa-Laa, Cousin Julie (Family Party)
  • Shy Girl - Po
  • Professor - Noo-Noo
  • Brian - Narrator, Little Boy in TV Events
  • Millie - Voice Trumpet (Female)
  • Joey - Voice Trumpet (Male), Uncle Alex (Family Party)
  • Young Guy - Puppet from the Magic House (Magical Event), Little Boy in TV Events, Flowers
  • Ivy - Little Girl in TV Events, Flowers
  • Salli - Bear With Brown Fuzzy Hair (Magical Event), Mother (School Tour)
  • Scary Voice - Scary Lion (Magical Event)
  • Jennifer - Little Girl in TV Events
  • Kendra - Mother (Bakery Trip)
  • Emma - Little Girl in TV Events, Miss Molly (School Tour)
  • Allison - Mother (Playing Tennis), Aunt Jenna (Family Party)
  • Eric - Father (Playing Tennis)
  • Zack - Cashier (Bakery Trip), Father (Family Party), Uncle Max (Family Party), King Pleasure and the Biscuit Boys TV Events
  • Princess - Cousin Beth (Family Party)
  • Elizabeth - Aunt Kathy (Family Party)
  • Kate - Aunt Carrie (Family Party), Little Girl in TV Events
  • Susan - Mother (Family Party), 3 Ships (Magical Event)

(Cast will be updated when more cast members join)


  1. Bedroom Tour
  2. Playing Tennis
  3. Bakery Trip
  4. Family Party
  5. School Tour
  6. Old King Cole

(Episodes will be updated when more are made)


  • Zack was going to be Tinky-Winky at first but, Paul was chosen instead. Zack was later given the roles of the the Father in Family Party, and Cashier in Bakery Trip.
  • Zack was also going to be the Male Voice Trumpet but Joey was chosen instead. Zack was given the roles as explained above.
  • Millie was going to be Laa-Laa but, Julie was chosen instead. Millie was given the role of the Female Voice Trumpet.



The Teletubbies in GoAnimate.

Mqdefault (1)

The Magic House in GoAnimate.

Mqdefault (2)

The Bear and Lion in GoAnimate.

Mqdefault (2)

The 3 Ships in GoAnimate.

Mqdefault (3)

The Dancing Bear in GoAnimate.

Mqdefault (4)

The Animal Parade in GoAnimate.

(Gallery will be updated when more pictures come.)


Here is a link to the videos: Enjoy!

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