TheDisneyWarren Gets Grounded for Life is a Go!Animate episode made by SuperMalechi.


Warren has brought the January 1999 VHS of The Rescuers, and watches it. This causes his dad to get mad, and takes it to Barney the Purple Dinosaur.


  • TheDisneyWarren (voiced by Eric/Kidaroo)
  • Warren's Dad (voiced by Alan/Kidaroo)
  • Barney (voiced by Kidaroo)
  • The Manager (Voiced by Joey)


  • (Warren arrives at the Salvation Army)
  • Manager: Hello! What can I get for you?
  • Warren: I would like the January 1999 VHS of The Rescuers.
  • Manager: Sure! Here you go!
  • Warren: Thank you!
  • (at Warren's home)
  • Warren: Time for me to watch this!
  • (70 minutes later)
  • Warren: This is a funny Disney movie!
  • (Warren's Dad arrives and sees this)
  • Dad: (400% loud voice, in Kidaroo's voice) Warren! I cannot believe you got The Rescuers while grounded! I will take this to Barney!
  • Warren: (while his dad does it so) (400% loud voice, in Kidaroo's voice) Oh no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no!
  • (at Barney's house)
  • Barney: Stu-u-pendous! The Wonder Pets is a great show, just like mine, and The Simpsons, and CatDog!
  • (Warren's Dad arrives)
  • Warren's Dad: I got a surprise for you!
  • Barney: What?
  • Warren's Dad: It's the January 1999 VHS of The Rescuers! It's originally from Warren, who's banned from Disney stuff!
  • Barney: Yay! I got this VHS!
  • (back at Warren's house)
  • Warren: (400% loud voice, in Kidaroo's voice) No no no no no no no no why did you give this to Barney?!
  • Warren's Dad: Because he's way better than you! You are grounded for life! Go to bed now!

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