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And friends

About TheDisneyWarren

Age: 20 Died: 12 Februray 2036 (age 40) Cause of Death: Car Crash Status: Ungrounded

About SeaDisney1998

Age: 14 Status: Grounded for the 6 days Died: 25 December 2016 (age 15) Cause Of Death: For Killing John Sucker and For Making Fake VHS Opening

About PizzaDisney1993

Age: 31 Died: 1 March 2027 (age 69) Cause Of Death: old age Status: Ungrounded and Non-termination of YouTube Driver Status: Good Driver started: 1 March 2014-23 February 2027

Episodes, Season 1

1. The Death of Brian Noller (making an episode)


4 July 2015-14 February 2036

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