TheJoJuan4444 (aka JoJuan Johnson) is a good user who loves to make grounded videos and movies. JoJuan first came to YouTube as 'jojuan 44' on November 21th, 2010. He uploaded one video and got one subscriber out of it, but he forgot his password and had to move accounts. He named his new channel 'TheJoJuan4444' because he thought adding another 44 would sound like a sequel. JoJuan came to Go!Animate on February 17th, 2013. He reached his first 100 subscribers on _____, his first 1,000 subscribers on ______, his first 2,000 on ______, and his first 3,000 on _______. He reached 10,000 subscribers on September 6, 2017.

Likes And Dislikes

Likes: Go!Animate, Phone, Staying up late, Computers, Mario, e.t.c

Dislikes: Cyberbullying, nasty videos, Troll-Like comments, e.t.c

Friends: louielouie95, Warren Cook (50/50),HardwellAndTiëstoFan 1998, awildmew WAN, ccateni, Brendan Barney, Matt Crowley (until he retired from Go!Animate), RocketPowerGal24, Skyler Hawkins, turbo1347, Katie Mealey, Sarah West, e.t.c

Enemies: GrandChase RealCook, Luke Gartrell, Alexei Borodin, e.t.c