This event is fictional. Do not believe that any of this was real. And also no real life examples, please!

One fateful saturday in March 2012, Cheil Masoake's soldiers and the Element Humanoids smashed through the front plate glass window of the Chuck E. Cheese's family fun center at 1705 Erika Meadowbuck Expressway, shot 43 people with lasers, exchanged shots with responding police, and then escaped with their powers. This shooting was one of the most violent shootings in GoCity history. The perpetrators were not found until June 2013, when they attempted to rob a Chase bank. They were immediately caught, and later identified as the perpetrators of the Chuck E. Cheese's shooting

The Laser Shooting

On the day of March 19, 2012, Cheil Masaoke's soldiers along with the three original Element humanoids smashed through the front window of a Chuck E. Cheese's at 1705 Erika Meadowbuck Expressway in Killeen. Yelling "This is what the world of GoAnimate did to us! This is payback day!", they then opened fire on its patrons and staff with laser guns and later a golden plated AK-47. They stalked, zapped, shot, and killed 23 people, 19 of them with laser shots to the head.

Many people got killed from the lasers and gunshots. Then a troublemaker called Minky called 911.

The present site

GoCity Showbiz Pizza today

The location today

The location was closed for 7 months for repairs due to the shootings.

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